Testimonials and Links

From Our Valued Clients:

Heath Grob provided services to me that were invaluable. Heath's real world experience separates him from other attorneys I have used. Heath was cognizant of costs and expedited my eventual solution. Working with Heath, it is clear that his business experience gives him a real world perspective towards solving problems. Additionally, Heath is looking to solve your problem, and if litigation is not the solution, he has practical alternatives. Scott S.

When I needed a divorce I called Principal. I told them I didn't have much money but my husband and I really didn't have much to fight about. Principal Law Firm sat us down and mediated a settlement and the final cost was very reasonable. I was surprised by how friendly everyone was and how Heath took the time to explain everything during a difficult time in my life. I would definitely recommend Principal Law Firm, PC. Nancy F.

I knew Heath from when he was in the business world and I didn't hesitate to call him when I needed a Family trust. We sat down and created a trust that funds my retirement and then supports my wife if I go first. When she passes on, my children will receive their inheritance. Best of all, this happens without any probate. Of course if I have any questions then Heath is there to help answer them. If you need a trust then call Principal Law Firm and get them started. Don M.

My former husband refused to follow the divorce decree but wanted to have our son whenever he wanted. Mr. Grob started the process of modifying the decree and when my husband found out I was serious about making him follow the decree, he agreed to the proposed changes and the increase in child support. It was hard but Principal Law Firm got it done. Amy J.

When I was 19 I got in trouble over a small amount of marijuana. It kept popping up whenever I changed jobs. Principal Law Firm got that to go away. It took a lot of work but now I have my records cleaned up and a new job. Will K.